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The Whole Child - Every Child!                              

Our Connection Objection is to provide exceptional instruction and the support needed to implement a language enrichment program utilizing American Sign Language.  The goal of Sign 2 Connect is to design and deliver customized training for staff, parents and children that will foster early effective communication in preverbal infants & toddlers, special needs children and multi-lingual environments.  The recent trend to add sign language to infant and preschool programs is based on sound research that suggests that young children who learn to sign prior to their ability to speak, score higher on intelligence tests, demonstrate less frustration in infancy and toddler years and use verbal communication earlier.  Childcare providers who have incorporated sign language in their programs indicate that signing has had a profound impact on the quality of interaction between peers, children and staff and even family members.

The Whole Child - Every Child training program includes 8 hours of hand-on Sign 2 Connect instruction covering "Signing for Classroom Management", Hearing Child Language Acquisition, Music & Movement and Signing to Bridge Diversity.

For more information or to receive a Training Proposal - contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it