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Kelly Barnhart, ASL Educational Instructor

With a Bachelors Degree in Communication and American Sign Language as Kelly's international language - she didn't realize the amazing opportunity of connecting with her daughter before she was able to communicate by speaking words.

After participating in a Wee Can Sign workshop using "SIGN with your BABY" by Dr. Joseph Garcia, Kelly and her husband have been reaping the joy and benefits of signing with their daughter Paige.

At 11 months, Paige could identify different animals & birds using ASL.  At 13 months Paige had a 50 sign ASL vocabulary.  At 15 months her ASL vocabulary was 100+ signs.  At 20 months she knew all her ABC's, Colors, Shapes & could count.  Connecting this soon with their daughter would not have been possible without the use of signing.

Kelly Barnhart is certified as an ASL Educational Instructor and is currently earning a Masters of Arts in Human Behavior.

Kelly hopes to have the opportunity of making your connection possible with your preverbal little one!

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Katie, Noah & Jeff

Katie Ray, ASL Educational Instructor

After having her first child, Katie was thankful for the hours she volunteered in her church nursery to prepare her for motherhood. However, she did not realize that when other parents mentioned their babies crying all the time…that this actually does happen!

At dinner one evening, Katie, her husband and new baby were sitting next to a couple whose 1-year old daughter was communicating through sign language. She was signing “more” and “eat”. Impressed and interested, this is how Katie was introduced to Sign 2 Connect. Two years later, her son Noah has an incredible speaking and signing vocabulary.

Katie received her Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and a Teaching Credential in Elementary Education.  She has taught second grade and has worked with babies and young children for many years.  Because of the benefits she has seen with the communication and vocabulary development of her son, Katie wishes to help other parents learn how to effectively communicate with their little ones!

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Tracy Galloway, ASL Educational Instructor 


Signing with their daughter has revolutionized the Galloway’s world.  Tracy began signing with Kaylen when she was almost 6 months old through a Sign 2 Connect class.  Frustration was reduced, quality time with the family increased – which is precious to military families, and the crying practically stopped around feedings and dirty diapering time.

Originally from West Virginia, Tracy, Jerry and Kaylen make their home at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.  Tracy has continued by take Adult ASL classes and is looking towards the possibility of a degree in Speech Pathology sometime in the future.

Tracy brings new energy to signing with infants and toddlers and looks forward to the opportunity she will have of helping you to connect with your little ones.

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